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Goals of the Sufi-Message

The Sufi-Message is a reminder to humanity, not to any one nation, but to all; not to one, but to every creed. It is a reminder of the truth, taught by all the great teachers of humanity: that God, truth, religion are one, and that duality is only a delusion of human nature. Not one of the masters came with the thought of forming an exclusive community. They came with the same message from one and the same God. Whether the Message was in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Zend or Arabic, it had one and the same meaning. The difference between the religions is external, their inner meaning is one. As the rain falls year after year and gives new life and new sustenance to the earth, so it became necessary, that the new message of spiritual uplifting should come. 

Sufism has never in any period of history been a religion or a certain creed. It has always been considered as the essence of every religion and of all religions. 

Sufism is neither a dogma nor a doctrine, it is neither a form nor a ceremony. This does not mean, that a Sufi does not make use of a doctrine, a ritual or a ceremony. He makes use of them while at the same time remaining free from them. It is wisdom alone, which is his property. 

What is the moral of a Sufi? Every religion, every creed has certain moral teachings: that this particular principle is right, and that particular principle is wrong. No principle or action is in itself labeled by a Sufi as being either; it is its application which makes it right or wrong. The light which guides the Sufi on the path is his own conscience, and the harmony is the justification, which guides him onward step by step to the idealized goal. To harmonize with oneself is not sufficient; one must also harmonize with others in thought, speech and action. That is the attitude of the Sufi. 

So what does the Sufi strive for?  He strives for the realization of the true self.  And how does he attain to it?  By practicing the presence of God - despite the deception of the world - and by realizing the oneness of the whole creation.

                                                                                                Hazrat Inayat Khan